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The Software Engineering Checkup is very similar to a health check for humans:

1. Measurements


Software Engineering Checkup

lab analysis
The assistant determines:
age, weight, height, blood pressure, pulse rate, lab values from a blood sample.
Metrics programs determine between 10 and 100 key figures - depending on the used computer languages: volume/size and number of entities (files, classes), complexity, coupling, stability, changeability of the software, etc.
List of used technologies, methods, and processes.

2. Analysis
X rays Your MD listens to your heart and lungs, analyzes the ECG, tests your reflexes and your flexibility, has X-Rays made. A software expert conducts interviews with the engineers and reads code and diagrams in order to determine a set of quality indicators: e.g. maintainability, fitness for purpose, bug frequency and density.
Along the investigation a sketch of the software structure, an architectural diagram is created.

3. Assessment and Recommendations
your MD says... Your MD lists the findings: "The BMI is normal, blood pressure is slightly too high, your lung volume is..."
"I'd like to give you the following recommendations..."
As a conclusion you will get:
1) A detailed tech report with all findings.
2) A summary for management (without tech language!) including:
- An assessment of the Software and the project.
- Recommendations for setting (measurable) improvement goals.
- Possible implementation variants.

A Software Engineering Checkup takes four working days of a senior expert at your site. After that the analysis starts and a detailed report of ca. 20 pages will be written. Within a month you will receive the technical report and a summary in the form of presentation slides.