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The Company

Daniel Keller, CEO

SolidSoftware GmbH (in Liquidation) is a Swiss company founded by Daniel Keller. Actually they are one and the same, so to speak: Daniel is the owner and only employee of the company - by design. However, there are many cooperating partners to team up with when necessary.

Daniel Keller has over 30 years of experience as:

  • Software Project Lead (responsible for projects of up to 20 person years)
  • Software Engineering Teacher (lectures in Software Engineering, Programming, and User Interface Design at Hochschule Rapperswil and ETH Zürich)
  • Lead Architect in three larger systems
  • Consultant for over 40 software projects in industry and commerce, from small to very big (max. team with 90 Software Engineers).
  • Programmer in over 20 programming languages (Java, C++, C#, Visual Basic, PL/SQL, FORTRAN, Python, Object Pascal, Modula, LISP, Prolog, etc.)

Formal Training:

  • Degree as an Informatik-Ingenieur (1979, NTB Buchs, Switzerland)
  • Master's Degree in Software Engineering (1984, Wang Institute, Tyngsboro, Mass. USA)
  • PhD in Computer Science (1997, ETH Zürich).